TCI Identity Reusable Bag


Reusable shopping bag featuring unique landmarks, cultural heritage, wildlife, marine life and community from the Turks & Caicos Islands.
For 1 reusable bag used, 500 plastic or paper bags are being replaced.
Proud of my Island reusable bags is proud of contributing to the island by supporting local non profits through advance education and environmental protection.

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The meaning of Home

Having been born and raised amidst the serene white sand beaches and vibrant green landscapes of Grand Turk, situated in the Turks and Caicos Islands, I have come to recognize the profound significance of embracing the island life. From the gentle caress of the morning sun to the captivating spectacle of stars adorning the night sky, I have always felt an undeniable sense of belonging in this remarkable setting.
The essence of the island lifestyle extends beyond the breathtaking scenery; it encompasses a deep appreciation for the people who inhabit these shores. Following in the footsteps of my mother and grandmother, I have embraced the tradition of greeting others with a warm and radiant smile, an act that fills my heart with immeasurable joy. The interconnectedness and care we share with one another are the very pillars that fortify the strength and vitality of our island communities and cultures. It is an honor to be a part of this exceptional tapestry of the Turks and Caicos Islands.
Words by Shanice Williams, ex – Miss Turks & Caicos Universe

About Turks & Caicos Islands

Situated in the enchanting Caribbean Sea, the Turks and Caicos Islands boasts a captivating blend of natural beauty and diverse cultural heritage. With a population of approximately 46,000 people hailing from various backgrounds, these islands offer a lively mosaic of traditions and identities.
The people of Turks and Caicos share a strong sense of community and togetherness, despite their differences. Their rich historical legacy and deep-rooted heritage are expressed through vibrant music, dance and food festivals. These cultural celebrations bring closer not only islanders but also people from all over the world.
By embracing the island spirit, one discovers a captivating fusion of breathtaking landscapes, tight-knit communities, and a celebration of cultural treasures. Turks and Caicos Islands stand as a testament to the harmonious coexistence of natural wonders and human connection, leaving a lasting mark on those fortunate enough to call it home or experience its profound charm.


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